14 Best Things About My College Life (Part 2)

continuation… Note: Some of the photos are not mine so credits to the owners. 7. Memorable internships– In an article I’ve come across, it says that grades don’t translate in real world and numbers don’t define one’s worth. Indeed. The true judge of the things we’ve learned in school is when we finally step out “there”. When I had my internship in Circuit Magazine (read: … Continue reading 14 Best Things About My College Life (Part 2)

My Magazine Internship

Ever since I’ve seen the movie of Sarah Geronimo “A Very Special Love” wherein she played the role of Laida Magtalas, an editorial assistant for the magazine which is owned by her crush and ideal man- Miggy Montenegro (John Lloyd Cruz), it has always been my aspiration to experience working for a magazine firm. Now you might be thinking, “ohh so you wanted to find … Continue reading My Magazine Internship