About AS

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I am ALY.

An adventure seeker and life enthusiast who hails from the “City of New Horizons”, Quezon City. I am very fond of writing anything under the sun. It is my kind of personal outlet because in reality I’m not much of a people-person. When I am not in the hustle and bustle of my media work, I am probably eating popcorn in front of my favorite K-drama and Netflix series or reading blogs and novels, and taking a snap of random subjects, be it people I’ve encountered, places I’ve wandered or even simple things that made me blurt, “aww, that’s cute”. Welcome to my unveiled little cyberspace corner!

But of course, the main purpose of my brief intro is not only about myself but also about the purpose of this blog. ARTISANSCOPE is a blog that aims to inspire its reader to know more about something hidden. Hidden because not everyone can easily see beauty in every simple, small things. And I would make every post here interesting and something worth to read. Something that will leave every readers a sense of knowing or understanding that they can apply in their everyday lives. 🙂

Why ARTISANSCOPEFirst, Artisan means an artist and Scope means range of view, perception, or grasp; outlook. Thus, ArtisanScope is an artist who aims to voice her views/ perceptions about something creatively by means of writing. That’s all.

If you have queries, suggestions, comments, write me an e-mail here. If you have stories you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you. I’ll do my best to respond quickly. And please do follow this blog and my other social media accounts also posted on the sidebar.


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