LRT-MRT New System: Yay or Nay?

Long lines on lrt and mrt. BTW, photo is not mine so credits to the owners.
Long lines on lrt and mrt. BTW, photo is not mine so credits to the owners.

Due to heavy rainfalls last week, most of the cities in Metro Manila were submerged in floods. Long lines were drawn as many commuters find taking Light Railway Transit (LRT) and Metro Railway Transit (MRT) a cheaper and more convenient way compared to the hassles of being stock in traffic and forcefully passing into flooded streets. Recently, there were reports regarding new system planning to be implemented both on MRT and LRT later this year.

The new system will implement just one card to use in MRT and LRT. With this, passengers will not experience long lines upon accessing magnetic cards. Instead, they will just load it with how much they want like loading cellphones or broadband. Also, in line with this was their plan to increase fare rates by 10 pesos. Some citizens negatively reacted to this issue while others expressed support.

One of the LRT personnel said that the fare hike is reasonable since they are providing people faster and more convenient way of travelling. He added that when it’s compared to a bus fare rates from Roosevelt to Baclaran, it would normally costs 60 pesos whereas in LRT, it would only costs 20 pesos.

Adding 10 pesos to LRT/MRT’s fare rates would not hurt a lot to our pockets if a quality and improved services would be met and obtained. Like for instance is the security system. Though guards inspect passengers’ luggages  before entering the station, numerous reports were still there regarding thievery and stealing. Various warnings and reminders were also imposed yet there were still cases of violations.

As of now, LRT was already imposing the limit of 80 passengers per train. It is to ensure that all passengers could safely aboard the train.

I commend the LRT’s new system in terms of controlling numbers of passengers but I think that they have to concentrate more on strengthening their security system. Also, we should not only rely on LRT’s obligation upon this issue but the people/ passengers, we, who regularly aboard LRT/MRT should have our fair share. It is our task to be alert and aware all the time on the happenings in our surrounding especially when we are in public places.

LRT also plans in the future to extend its route from Roosevelt to North Avenue and from Baclaran to Cavite. If this happens, more people will experience convenient way of commuting.

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