That Special Day


The moment I witnessed the debut or legalization of my ninong’s sister when I was a child, I have always dreamed of that day when I would be able to finally wear a glamorous gown and dolled up as princess even just for a night. I have attended many debut parties before, from grandest to simplest type and every time, my excitement grows bigger than ever. I could perfectly visualize the things I want to happen for that day. The theme, venue, ceremony sequence, gown, the people I want to share that day with, even the invitation and pre-debut photo concepts. I have all those in my mind.

I thought that day would come that even just for a night, the special people in my life will gather and lay their eyes on me witnessing me as I land my first step to the path of womanhood or must I say as a caterpillar is carefully being shredded out of its cocoon and takes its first fly as a breathtaking butterfly. But those were just and we will all be in my mind, as in literally, unfortunately.

When my mother asked me a week before that day what my plans are, I knew I could almost narrate it to her in details but then she already reminded me that what I have in mind, they will not be able to grant. This year is rough to us financially and though I was disappointed that I will not experience that “a princess for once-in-a-lifetime” which I bet all girls like me are secretly yearning with their hearts out, I’m still blessed and thankful for another year God gave me. There were few girls dreaming about what I have in mind but not being able to at least make it to that line.

Another equally much worse are those kids who are not given a chance to celebrate their birthdays even for once. I’m still grateful that I’ve celebrated it with the most special people in my life, which is my family. Another thing I should be happy for were the people who remembered my birthday and greeted me through various forms (be it via social media, texts or even personal). And with that, ILYSM! Hugs and Kisses! ❤ ❤

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