Paskong Arriba 2012

Formerly Paskong Pistang Pinoy (PPP), Paskong Arriba is an annual Christmas celebration of students of Colegio de San Juan de Letran. This is one of the most anticipated events in the Colegio which is held before holiday vacation.


After having our bowling class in Robinsons, Ermita, we immediately went with our different business before going to the said event. Me and Ge decided to go first in SM Manila to buy something while Carley and Ney decided to go home to freshen up. While browsing what to buy, I suddenly remembered that I want a beanie to wear tomorrow for our trip to Marinduque. So we went to Artwork to look what design to buy. There are so many cute designs there. Actually, I’ve had a hard time choosing. What’s more interesting are their beanies have dual designs which you can just simply reverse if you want to alternate design. So I ended up with this design. The front design’s color is purplish while the other is grayish. Cute right?


After, we finally went to school to join the Paskong Arriba 2012. Before the actual event, a mass led by Father Lana was first held. When the mass ended, the much awaited fireworks display took place. It was really beautiful and awesome but I must admit that PPP 2011’s fireworks display was much better than this one. :pfireworks

Different activities were held after including the Gangnam style flash mob, raffle draws (Sadly, I wasn’t able to win one of the Ipad minis…huhu 😥 ), talent portions, and etc. One of the most entertaining part of the event is the three emcees teasing and making fun of each other. It’s like you’re in a comedy bar while watching them because you can’t almost help to crack up with their jokes.  Also, one of the highlights of the event is the Kamikazee band performance. It was really fun singing and shouting with them.PA2.jpgAll in all, Paskong Arriba is a fun event that a Letranite must not miss. One thing I’m just annoyed are foods that were served this time. I mean, I understand that the whole theme of the event is “Pyestang Pinoy”. But they could have retain the whole idea not only by wrapping the food with banana leaves which includes “itlog na maalat” in it and a fried chicken dish. You know instead of this, they could simply have left the idea of wrapping it with banana leaves without the salted egg. It’s just that it doesn’t complement the fried chicken. I’ve nothing against salted egg but I just thought they could have done better with it. However, I must compliment the Letran community for bringing up with us a one of a kind experience. Kudos! I’ll definitely attend this again next year and hoping for improvements with the food. Hehe 😀 Arriba Letran!

Pics with my college buddies
Pics with my college buddies

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