Up for Christmas Vacation ;)

♫ Jingle bells, jingle bells,JB.jpg Jingle all the way.Oh! what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh.


Hey! Hey! Hey! You’ve heard me right? I’m singing a famous holiday medley song. Christmas is in the air. I can already feel the cold breeze. I can see Santa and friends decorations with twinkling lights everywhere. I can also breathe those fresh pine trees. Ooopss! My last statement was kinda off. Never mind that. It’s impossible to smell pine trees in a tropical country except if you are in Baguio which is famous for its cold weather and pine trees everywhere. And oh! Don’t you ever think I’ll be spending my Christmas and New Year vacation here in Manila because believe it or not, for a rare chance, I’m gonna be spending my holiday in my beloved hometown- Marinduque!!! We’re going to travel tomorrow. I’m so excited! In fact, I’m currently packing my things right now while writing this blog. So I’m out for now. Night-night! Happy Holidays in advance everyone 😀

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