Myth of the Human Body

Despite the hot weather, heavy traffics and long hours of traveling around Taguig City, visiting “Myth of the Human Body” this March 1 was truly worth it.

I’ve never been gone to anatomical museum before but this one really amazed me and I can say that the adventure/tour is worth the effort and the price. “Myth of the Human Body” is an exhibit of cadavers (from China) preserved with a technique called plastination that was developed by Gunther von Hagens , a German anatomist. He was famous for his controversial “Rearing Horses and Rider”.

At first, I couldn’t believe that those I’ve seen in front of me were real humans, real bodies. But when our tour guide told us so, then that’s when I became surprised but at the same time pitiful. Pitiful because I couldn’t imagine how those who did these took their courage to manipulate the bodies and used these in this manner knowing that our body is important and holy.

In the first hall of the museum, we’ve seen different cadavers positioned to different sports player like basketball player, soccer, archer and runner.

Photo by Richard Romano

I’ve also seen Gunther von Hagens explaining or demonstrating in a video the process of plastination.

On the ceiling of the first hall you’ll also see the 7 myths representing different systems of our body.

When we reached the second hall, we’ve gone to Heracles where it highlights the different muscles in our body.

The tour guide also gave us a trivia that when we smile, we only use 17 muscles unlike when we frown that take 43 muscles. Lesson learned? We should always smile. 🙂

The rest of the tour went the same way. Our group were guided through Poseidon (the respiratory system) where we’ve seen the difference of lungs of the city dwellers to those living in mountains, smokers and worst, those lungs with cancer,

Dionysus (the digestive system) where we’ve seen a woman holding her organs,

Hades (the circulatory system), this one is my favorite because of the Red Man who’s made completely of arteries (amazing right?), Eros (the reproductive system) where during this part, we’ve watched a video explaining how babies are conceived until the point of their birth,

Zeus (the brain and the nervous system)

where I’ve learned according to kuya that the more wrinkles your brain has, the smarter you are and lastly, Artemis(the fetal system)

where in this part, I couldn’t help but be disturbed and pitied those fetus/babies that were plastinated. In the last hall, there are also this skinless man carrying his skin on his arms,

Photo by Richard Romano

the chopped and pulled up and down man and the plastinated pregnant woman with an open womb that reveals the dead baby inside (disturbing right?).

(c) eloiza regaliza
Photo with my blockmates

Over all, the tour is educational and I’ve learned things concerned not only with our bodies but also with the importance of taking care of life. This tour is an adventure we shouldn’t miss because once you miss it; it’s like missing half of life’s greatest opportunity. And also, just be sure to keep an open mind when you visit so that you’ll appreciate more the exhibit.

By the way, as much as I want to post photos of my own, taking pictures are not allowed inside the museum. That’s why most of the photos I’ve used in this article are courtesy of Richard Romano in the Digital Photographer forums and

More Info’s on Myth of the Human Body:

Address: Neobabylon Bldg 9 Bayani Road AFPOVAI, Taguig City ( Near Libingan ng mga Bayani)
Operating time: Monday-Sunday 10:30 AM – 8:30 PM

Telephone: 889-5467 or 1724

Last Exhibit Date: March 3, 2012

Entrance Fee: Php350/person

P.S.I advise that before you go to the exhibit, you should full your stomach first. You might lose your appetite after seeing this. And btw, I know that their last exhibit date is March 3. I don’t know when they will open again their branch here in the Philippines because when we ask the tour guide about that, he said that he didn’t know the authentic date because they’ll be exhibiting this on other countries. So if you want to inquire, here’s their web address: and facebook page Myth of the Human Body Exhibit.


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