When all you need is LOVE…

“All you need is love, love,love!” Have you ever heard this line sung in the radio? or maybe you even chanted along while it ran through the air waves.Some young people might not recognize from which song this line come from but to those who know John Lennon, I bet you’ve heard of this. We all need love. Who doesn’t want to love and be loved anyway?

According to Psychologists, the most basic human need is love.There’s no human emotion more important than this-it’s one of the very elements that make life worth living.

But if love is such a beautiful thing and if it is very essential in life, then why is there so little of this in the world?Why is there so much hate in all of us?

Well, maybe because we have a vague definition of what true love is, John Lennon’s definition was a worldly one.But the Bible speaks otherwiseTrue love is far more than a sentimental or gushy feelings. It is a decision where each one of us must take the greatest illustration-being able to give your life to the one you love as exactly portrayed in the sacrifice of God. He gave his only son,Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins so we can attain forgiveness and receive eternal life. Love is given selflessly,sacrificially. It is unconditionally given,no boundaries.

This kind of love comes only from God,for his very being is love. So when men and women disobey Him by rejecting God as their number one priority and authority,we get off the hook w/ the ultimate source of true love.

This is when love becomes temporal and passing,selfish and seeking only what it wants w/o caring for others.So then, we should always connect w/ god and hold on to the example of His love.It is Him who enables us to love others  even our foes.We can freely love others w/o expecting anything in return.God’s love always gives and forgives. It is constant,dependable andlasting.It can fulfill and satisfy the deepest need.

Remember that our God is our friend at all times,at all costs. Every time were feeling lost,his light will surely guide us and his love will always reach us.Cling to his promises and live the righteous life He has called you forth to live.

Keep in touch w/ God’s love and see for yourself how it can transform you and change you into a Christian who is able to love others selflessly.Surely, God’s love will freely flow from our hearts and to the rest of the world.That would be a much better place to live in.

Thanks for reading! God Bless! 🙂

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