Idol Drama Review: Addicted to Kiss 2…


“Zhi- shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!”

For almost three weeks, I can barely get over this familiar yelling. To others,  this must be vain… but with TKA addicts like “me” (take NOTE: “TKA” stands for They Kiss Again), this is suuuuuucch an Idol drama to die for. Adapted from the Japanese manga series, “Itasura na Kiss” written by Kaoru Tada, Chu Yu-ning seemingly exploited a stunning and ridiculous story line out of it.


Plus, the reasonable interpretations of actors and actresses in their distinctive roles added reality to the sequel. Driving gal daydreamers out of their seats, indeed showed that TKA production staff had proven their competence in bringing out a much worthwhile production. And who will not freak out if they finally meet up their own “Zhi shu” in LIFE? I bet everybody would.


Zhi shu is definitely every girl’s fantasy. With his features that can almost melt a woman’s heart,(smart, cool, rich and freakin’ handsome) No doubt, Xiang Qin is every gal’s rival and goal. These lao gong and lao po couple absolutely sweetened up my staycation. BTW, here’s a brief info regarding TKA and I would suggest that you should try watching it too.You’ll not regret keeping in tune with it. It’s a hilarious and a touching drama that will have you incessantly watching it and wanting for more.

Thanks for reading! 😀

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