Time Check!

It’s been half past twelve in the morning last week and yet, I’m still awake. I don’t feel sleepy at all (or to better phrase that, drowsiness hasn’t tapped me yet). So, I decided to watch the television, hoping it would make me sleepy, at least. And everyone could have easily guessed what the show is about.People busily buying all sorts of school stuff as parents prepare for their children’s going back to school. The documentary even showed consumers going to Divisoria so they can buy school supplies at the lowest cost.

Since every parent wants to buy things at a bargain price, imitation or forfeiting of products have become the latest hit today.

With all these, I remembered all the more that classes are back. Which means that… vacation is really over…*sigh*…Summer enjoyments, refreshments and bonding are really over. It’s time again to spend hours sitting on the classroom chair while listening to teachers(who are strict and dreary…kidding!), doing daily home works,accomplishing backlogstaking various exams and many more.

I suddenly realized that when school starts, staying awake at midnight, watching television all the time, doing nothing but rest and sleep are certainly not as frequently possible any more. Why? You don’t want to have eye bags, right? And of course, school activities will keep us running on our toes. But hey, there’s a brighter thing about this. This is our chance to bond with our old buddies and make friends with the school new comers ( Yup! A long time chitchat with them is really fun and interesting).

Now that classes have started, assuredly, most of us will bevery busy with school work, home responsibility and much, much more. Perhaps, some of us might forget to go to church every Sunday, or do our daily devotion andreading of the Bible, or even forget to pray and thank our God who is great above all things.

And oh! Suddenly, a quote emerged in my mind (a quote that was passed to me by a friend).The hanging question is, “there is no time for God? What if God also has no time for you?”This question I had retained in my mind, realizing thatwhat if God has really no time for us?All our prayers and requests will be unanswered and problems that we need help on will be ignored. But, God is so good and merciful that He will never do that to us. Although, we have so many debts to pay, He does not demand any payment from us. All that He asks for is TIME;

time to listen to His word, time to read it and live it.Our time andobedience to His word is enough for Him. Do we need to come to a point where God will not listen to us before we realized that time devoted to Him is essential? Don’t we realized that when we are in our deepest hurts, hardest problems and hopeless situations, He is the One whom we call and ask for help? He doesn’t turn us down ;He always listenscomforts, and cheers us up.

Don’t hesitate to give your time to Jesus, go and do it!If you love God, you must keep His commandments and live it(John 14:15). Don’t forget, “You are a blessed person with an important role play in life and God is watching you with love and concern so you can be the best you can be for God’s Glory”.

Thanks for reading!

God Bless! 🙂

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